Remixes by Bottin, Altair Nouuveau and Professor LaCroix

Debuting at #35 on Juno's Disco chart this week [yeah!!] and #18 on Traxsource's 20 Nu-Disco Essentials [wooo!!] Nassau's Errol Flynn EP is out now everywhere, complete with a triad of ridiculous remixes and a sweet club edit.

Nassau's original is a tense, dark Italo-disco-house burner with an instant-classic hook gliding over a steady rumbling bass line. On remix duties, Bottin hits you with a spooky uptempo Italo soundtrack, Brooklyn's Altair Nouveau pulls down some epic piano-drenched art disco, and L.A.'s own Professor LaCroix drops a mid-tempo electro funk jam like the Gap Band on horse pills. The ep rounds out with a proper club edit specially engineered for today's short attention spans.

Once again the TBM Records Web Store is offering an exclusive DJ Pack with 24-bit Loops for your creative-commons remixing pleasure. Hit us in our Soundcloud Dropbox and let's hear what you got!

OUT NOW on Beatport . JunoDownload . iTunes . emusic . Amazon . DJ Download and like everywhere.


Out Now! Remixes by Rodion and BlackLodge

Singer-actress-instrumentalist and mobile karaoke queen Kestrin joins Professor LaCroix for LEGEND GOLD, a driving prog-disco space jam forged from equal parts classic disco, indie dance and acid house, and drawing on influences from Blondie to Barry Gibb to Chk Chk Chk and beyond.

The Professor's desert-disco original is accompanied by a sunny rollerboogie remix from Brighton's BlackLodge and a deep Italo night-drive courtesy of Rodion [Gomma] for a remix EP that's already drawing support from Justus Köhncke [Kompakt] and Andrea Bellentani [The Diaphanoids, Blakula!].

And for you musical types, TBM is offering an exclusive DJ Pack including the full-length Extended Version, Bonus Beats, and 1.23GB worth of 24-bit Loops + Stems so you can make your own GOLD!

Limited release out now in the TBM web store and Junodownload, all other portals June 20.


New Release! Remixes by Pink Stallone and Professor LaCroix

Yeah people, it's on! Eddie Mars and Dr Midnight launch you into space with the GEMINI ep, four swirling slow-motion tracks of outerspace blacklight makeout funk, available TODAY!

This is our first new set in two years, and also marks the official launch of our new web store, where we're offering the DIGI-EP, and also a special DJ PACK including a 723mb Stems + Loops bank, plus the exclusive Synthesizer Maintenance Crew Remix.

The 4-track ep including remixes by Pink Stallone and Professor LaCroix is also available on Junodownload, and goes wide in May. Vinyl is TBA... we're hopeful. Til then, pick up the download and let us know how you like the new store on Facebook.


Celebrating 50 Years of Human Spaceflight

I'm pretty sure my year just peaked on Tuesday when I busted out my full DJ astronaut gear and played a bunch of slow-mo space disco for friggin Buzz Aldrin, dude! It's gotta be all downhill from there, cuz that's DOPE.

But the 2nd guy on the moon wasn't the only VIP at our Yuri's Night World Space Party, as this photographic evidence reveals. The Official L.A. party with Subtractive, InSpace, 62 Mile Club and Space Frontier Foundation was wall-to-wall awesome people throwing down great vibes in celebration of 50 years of Human Space Flight!

Thanks to everyone who danced everybody who stopped to say "hey." We can't wait to see you all again... IN SPACE!! (space... space...)



Many many sincere, heartfelt thank yous to {RV}IP Lounge, Subtractive and our friends at the TEDActive conference in Palm Springs for helping us drop what was apparently the livest party this TED dude has ever seen, despite complications with both the terrain and the Palm Springs police force (who were actually very cool, as usual). Everybody was fun as hell, and the spontaneous relocation only made us party harder. So thank you to everyone who came to get down. We want more of you.

Seriously, skip WMC next year and come rock it at TED. These nerds know how to get the fuck DOWN. Believe!

And if you happen to see a mobile, RV-based lounge & karaoke-cabaret rolling around Austin at SXSW this year, you are hereby instructed to get on board, or wonder forever.


FREE DIGITAL EP - TBM Records 2011 Advance

TBM Records is returning to life after a couple years down (not like in a zombie way, it's not a scary thing), and we're about to drop a bunch of rad new music this spring from Nassau, Eddie Mars + Dr. Midnight, and Professor LaCroix featuring Kestrin. Remix EPs are coming in April, packed with ridiculous remixes by Pink Stallone, Bottin, Rodion, Altair Nouveau and BlackLodge.

In the meantime you can grab the FREE 3-TRACK ADVANCE EP featuring all three radio cuts, and get ready for the new wave!



Last Halloween we took our people out to the middle of the Mojave desert for a legendary night under the spooky spoooky stars...

In the process we unleashed the terror that is Casanova USA, a five-man outfit most proficient in noisy psychedelic electrodiscopunk improvisation. The band's first ever live performance happened on that unholy night, launching perhaps the raddest and most mysterious desert party since the "Moontribe She Wrote" jam back in '86.

This blasphemous performance was captured on not one but two cameras, and the resulting footage has been combined to create a video that looks... pretty accurate, actually.

FEEL THE TERROR in this two-part video of CASANOVA USA and PROFESSOR LACROIX, live from the Mojave Desert.



TBM Records, Ahimsa Cosmetics and Subtractive Inc. would love to see you next Saturday December 4th for your second Mondo Holiday Party!

Come tie on some holiday cheer at Tantra while TBM DJs Professor LaCroix, Farmer, Spock Rock and Harvey Wallbanger kick out the jams, and party elves offer up our fabulous door prizes. In between cocktails, you can fully bonestorm the {RV}IP Lounge outside (you'll see it) and show these fools how to karaoke for real, or get hypmotized by astronaut artist Ryan Stuit's live visuals on the big screen.

Best of all, we'll be collecting your $5 suggested donation to support the ASPCA, so come heat up the dancefloor while raising money to help puppas & kittehs in need! You can RSVP right here on Facebook.


SHOCKWAVES ElectroDisco with BOTTIN 04.29.10

TBM Records and Subtractive Inc. are proud to break off our first SHOCKWAVES club night April 29th at Señor Fish in Little Tokyo. We're bringing the desert downtown for a whole new electrodisco happening, and we're bringing heat:

BOTTIN [Italians Do It Better, Bearfunk, Eskimo]
After touring Europe for five years and self-releasing his first record, this actual Italian went global in 2008 with his "No Static" 12-inch on Italians Do It Better. One popular Bearfunk-stamped "Horror Disco" LP and an ever-mounting list of remix credits later, Bottin returns to L.A. to melt your face like you're in a Dario Argento movie. You can't miss this.

Coming off a seven-year Disco binge and a minor podcasting addiction, LaCroix is currently prepping three new sets for release on TBM Records, and has been regularly dropping free white-label remixes of 80s disco funk favorites on Soundcloud. Collect them all.

L.A. Disco's Resident Resident, L'Amour has been ear-banging dancefloors at Hyde, Dance Right, Avaland, Big Saturday and Awesometown with a master selector's crateful of disco and funk jams. Those who know, know.

New on the club scene with an extensive background in 60s French Pop, Big Beat Shoegaze and Brazilian New Funkwave, this is one highball that'll make you want to put some ice on it. Come for the Soul, stay for the Groove.

Plus we'll have ASTRONAUT RYAN STUIT [Subtractive] blowing your mind on the giant screen, which you can also view while eating $2 tacos on the patio until 2am. Both of these things are very cool.

RSVP now and get all this and more for only FIVE DOLLARS. What??    Señor Fish 422 E 1st St 90012 . 8:30p-2a 21+ . $10 door . $5 list



UPDATE: See pictures here and here!

Dawn Brocco, Kedra Hart and Tomorrow's Brightest Minds invite you to join us Friday December 4th as TBM Records, Ahimsa Beauty & Opus Oils join hands for a holiday soiree to end them all. Make merry at the Jitterbug Perfume Parlour all night long while TBM DJs Professor LaCroix, Farmer, Spock Rock and Harvey Wallbanger kick out the jams, and party elves offer up a chance at any one of our fabulous door prizes!

Best of all, we'll be collecting donations to support the ASPCA, so come shake your jingle bells all night while raising money to help animals in need! RSVP right here on Facebook.



TBM Records has a new YouTube channel -- check out the Professor LaCroix virtual 12-inches, it's like putting on the record but without any of the portability, warmth, scale, or tactile experience that can make enjoying a fine slice of vinyl such a drag.

Plus, you can't play a record on your iPhone yet.

Stay tuned for far more varied and interesting visuals to come...


PROFESSOR LACROIX hits the airwaves

With a little help from our friends at Lift, TBM drops the Professor LaCroix "DISCODISC" CD on college radio and specialty shows this week, just in time for your sweaty summer disco pool parties.

The quintuple-A-side EP features five tracks from the LaCroix 12-inches, including "I Want My Eight Years Back [Disco]," a new edit of "We Come In Peace," and the thumping Alexander Robotnick remix of "Ion Drive."

Dial up your favorite college DJs and late-night mix shows and request "I Want My Eight Years Back" tonight! Then call them back and say it again but with a different voice, and then keep doing that until you run out of voices. Thanks in advance for that.

"Discodisc" is a promo-only CD and won't be out in stores (cuz... what's a CD again?) but you can fully customize your own LaCroix Discodisc by downloading your favorite tracks from JunoDownload.com.



After watching U.S. leaders lie, cheat and steal their way through an eight-year orgy of corruption under the Bush/Cheney administration, Professor LaCroix is speaking his mind on his third single, "I Want My Eight Years Back." Due out on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, the record's jacket features a searing article summarizing some of the administration's most offensive failures, and includes the 35 Articles of Impeachment for George W. Bush on the back cover, as presented to Congress last June by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).

While there are no lyrics to either track, the newspaper-style cover article says it all. Turning Bush's "history will decide" mantra back on itself, the article's headline (datelined January 20th, 2009) reads: "History Decides - George W. Bush, WORST PRESIDENT EVER." The op-ed, written by the artist, goes on to contextualize some of the former president's costliest blunders and schemes, illustrating the broad destructive tendencies of the administration. Flip the record over to read the Articles of Impeachment, and the music's message is clear, lyrics or no.

Download "I Want My Eight Years Back" now on JunoDownload.com. 12" vinyl is available at Turntable Lab in New York and Los Angeles.



"We Come In Peace" is now available on 12-inch! Pick up a copy at Turntable Lab or order now from the TBM webstore. More retail info coming soon. Downloads the single now on iTunes, eMusic, JunoDownload.com, Rhapsody, Napster, and other online music services.

Heads up in January for the next Professor LaCroix single, "I Want My Eight Years Back." TBM Records is celebrating the end of the Bush era with a simultaneous vinyl/digital release of this instrumental protest electrodisco jam on 1.20.09. Dance it off.



Professor LaCroix drops his new single "We Come In Peace" for digital release. The sci-fi themed followup to the "Shock Waves" horror double-feature includes title track "We Come In Peace," an extended epic electrodisco alien invasion, and "Ion Drive," an intergalactic star cruise at full impulse, and features a dreamy "Ion Drive" remix by Italo legend Alexander Robotnick.

WAVs and 320k/192k mp3s are available for download now at JunoDownload.com, with other formats on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and Napster.

Look for vinyl in November, and more new stuff early '09.



TBM Records launches "Shock Waves" vinyl onto shelves this week! The debut electro-disco 12" from Professor LaCroix is currently available at Turntable Lab in New York and various record stores in the Los Angeles area. Order now through the TBM Records Store and we'll even throw in a sticker. That's like a maximum $2 value right there. WOW, right?

DJ-friendly 320k mp3s and WAVs are available online at JunoDownloads, with various other formats on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and Napster.